We are getting ready to transform from a traditional marketing organisation, into a digital marketing organisation.

I am currently looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to help us lead this transtition. So if you know anyone, please ask them to apply for this position.

In addition to a new marketing organisation, new systems are also needed to move into digital marketing. We are in the process of automating our campaign management process.
This will allow us to do factbased marketing, where we will target customers and prospects based on their behaviour. So we are making the switch from product marketing to customer marketing.

New eStore (www.wklawbusiness.com)
To support our efforts to quickly move into Digital Marketing, we are sunsetting www.kluwerlaw.com on 22 July and will use www.wklawbusiness.com as our eStore.
This brings us together with the rest of Wolters Kluwer Law & Business and it will allow us to expand our digital marketing footprint. This new eStore is optimized for Google, so our product will be found when people search on Google.

Stay tuned for the official press release.

Tip of the week
Did you know we offer more than 500 eBooks via My i Library?
Soon we will also have our eBooks on Ebsco and Google Play, contact marketing@kluwerlaw.com for more information.


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