Announcing the next generation of Kluwer Arbitration

Last week we launched the enhanced Kluwer Arbitration
In close cooperation with our customers, we made a vast number of improvements. The platform enables you to quickly access our collection of arbitration materials.

What is new?

Enhanced Interface: simple and clear design to help you start your common search journeys quickly
Fast Accurate research: Our Search Functionality, advanced browsing and search refinement feature, together with the enhanced search result relevancy, helps users to quickly pinpoint the content they needs in just a few clicks.
A Helpful Search Prompt: incorporates suggested arbitration terms as you type.
Customizable Results Page: Results are displayed in expanded or summary form as well as an option to quickly preview a document without leaving the page.
Filters in Results Page: refine results within seconds with multiple filters.
‘Search within a Search’feature: allows users to easily narrow results using new search terms.
Collaborate and Distribute Content Easily: flexible print options and email results as links or attachments to meet the needs of your information output.

Kluwer Arbitration offers Unrivalled Content:

– Information Superiority- authoritativeness based on partnership with ITA, ICC and ICCA.
– 10,000+ Court Decisions, including 500 English Chinese Court Decisions Summaries.
– 500+ Arbitration Laws.
– 2,250+ Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) from 200 jurisdictions.
– 2,250+ Arbitral Awards.
– 1,250+ Rules for 200+ Institutions.
– 300+ Authors, including 230+ books and 11 journals.

No Access yet?
Kluwer Arbitration brings you:
– Access to need-to-know information such as exclusive awards
– Global Insights on almost 200 jurisdictions, offering a one-stop shop for all arbitration matters
– Best Guidance on many international issues such as Third Party Funding, interim measures, security costs and many more
– RSS feed containing updates to new cases, awards, blog posts and the latest material to be added to the platform

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